Event Date: 25-27 March 2015
Location: Auberge Discovery Bay , Hong Kong
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The International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) is a global association of experienced professional planners. The ISOCARP network brings together individual and institutional members from more than 80 countries worldwide. As a non-governmental organisation ISOCARP is
recognized by the UN, UNHCS and the Council of Europe. The Society also has a formal consultative status with UNESCO. The objectives of ISOCARP include the improvement of planning practice through the creation of a global and active network of practitioners. ISOCARP encourages the exchange of professional knowledge between planners, promotes the planning profession in all its forms, stimulates and improves planning research, training and education and enhances public awareness and understanding of major planning issues at a global level.

Supporting Organisation of the Conference

BEAM Society Limited (BSL), owner of Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM & BEAM Plus), is committed to developing BEAM Plus assessment tools which provide a framework for measuring, improving, certifying and labelling the whole-life environmental sustainability and liveable built environment.  On per capita basis, BEAM Plus is one of the most widely used voluntary green building labelling schemes of its kind in the world.


We are the leading FM authority in the Asia Region, established on 14th September 1992 by ten facility managers, now with over 320 members. We are a non-profit association dedicated to serving the facility management profession. The Hong Kong Chapter has a busy program of educational and special events offering many opportunities for professional growth and networking. Our full-time administrator co-ordinates the work of the elected Board to keep our Chapter affairs running smoothly. Members and friends are encouraged to participate in Chapter events to broaden their knowledge and share their experience.


INFRASTRUCTURE TODAY (IT) is the most read magazine in India on the  infrastructure sectors. IT partners in the nation’s building process by offering valuable information, insights and analyses. Our current reader profile includes policymakers and public office bearers, town planners, investors, contractors, developers, consultants, utility providers, engineers, banks and financial institutions, educators and researchers, and decision makers in other organisations that provide products or services to the infrastructure sectors. The magazine covers physical infrastructure and related construction activities in Power, Oil & Gas, Roads, Railways, Ports, Airports, Water, Telecom and Urban Infrastructure. Each issue provides usable value for the reader: from business environment and financing options to models of contracts and industrial land creation. To learn more about the magazine please visitwww.InfrastructureToday.co.in


EIN News is the world leader in industry focused online news monitoring. Thousands of leading companies, institutions and global professionals from business, industry, and government rely on EIN News as an indispensable resource. Our systems continuously scan the web, indexing news from thousands of worldwide sources. The news you need is then organized by advanced software systems managed by a team of professional news editors.Everything we do is focused on streamlining your news searches and research in order to save you time and money


Construction-Post provides construction professionals with national news coverage affecting the future of their industry. The combination of insight and analysis of the week’s top news stories, in-depth features and special reports PLUS access to breaking news and personalised content, all provide an industry essential online package.

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Marketing Manager

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50450 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

+603 2723 6745
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